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Flow-Rite Plumbing and Drain Service is the plumber you can choose to hire in Anderson Creek North Carolina. We offer our Plumbing services all over Harnett County! If your home needs a top-quality cleaning of its drains Flow-Rite Plumbing is happy to help.

Flow-Rite Plumbing and Drain Service provides you with the best plumbing and drain cleaning service in Harnett County. We offer affordable rates and have high-quality customer support so that all of your needs are met. Our customers come back to us completely for these reasons because our reputation has allowed us to grow further and convince other people that we’re the only plumbing company they need for their Homes!

At Flow-Rite Plumbing and Drain Service our Anderson Creek Plumbers are expertly trained to meet the highest industry standards while also giving the best customer service in the area. We will repair any residential or commercial plumbing problem quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your daily life quicker.


Do you need plumbing services in Anderson Creek, NC? While you can always try to take care of your Anderson Creek plumbing problems on your own, there are some cases where you’ll be better off calling a licensed plumbing professional from Flow-Rite Plumbing & Drain. There might be several plumbers in the Anderson Creek area, but not all of them can claim that they offer fast response times, competitive pricing and honesty the way Flow-Rite Plumbing & Drain can.

Call us if you’re ever in need of an emergency Anderson Creek plumber on nights, weekends or holidays. Anderson Creek plumbing disasters don’t always wait for an opportune moment to happen, and you shouldn’t have to wait for plumbing service a second longer than necessary.

Your Top Rated Plumbing Experts in Anderson Creek, NC

ince 2015, Flow-Rite Plumbing and Drain Service has been the go-to company for plumbing, drain cleaning, and backflow testing. We have provided services of exceptional quality to customers who are loyal and new alike. Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential service, our professionals will get the job done the first time – guaranteed! You can always ask questions by giving us a call.

Best Anderson Creek Plumbing Services

As Anderson Creek continues to grow, Flow-Rite Plumbing & Drain knows how frustrating it can be to need plumbing repair. Our Anderson Creek emergency plumbers will make sure your plumbing issues end fast with affordable pricing. Flow-Rite also specializes in pipe leak repair, yearly inspections, valve replacement/repair, drain cleaning, backflow testing and installation as well as much, much more.

About Anderson Creek North Carolina

Located in Harnett County, Anderson Creek site adjacent to the largest military base in the US, Fort Bragg. Anderson Creek homes offer a spectacular and comfortable living environment. When a couple military bases the across the United States closed down, they consolidated with Fort Bragg bringing in thousands of military personnel creating many new homeowners in the once quiet and rural Harnett County. Lillington is the county seat for the county, however, Anderson Creek has been the most popular community for people to move.

Anderson Creek, home to the Anderson Creek County club, boasts one of the fastest growing populations in Harnett County. With such an influx of people and commercial properties, you need a plumbing company your can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Drain cleaning is the process of removing debris and other materials from drains.
A: You may need Drain Cleaning every few months or depending on how much sediment and debris collects in the drain.
A: During Drain Cleaning, a technician will use a drain snake to clear the drain of debris. Additionally, they may use a plunger or hydro-jetting device to push the sediment and debris out of the drain.
A: The price for Drain Cleaning varies depending on the size and complexity of the job.
A: Drain Cleaning can help improve your home’s drainage system, reducing the amount of water used in rainy periods. Additionally, it can remove debris and sediment from drains which may lead to clogged drains or pipe blockages.

Why Choose Us

Experienced and Qualified Plumbers

At Flow-Rite Plumbing & Drain Service, we understand the importance of quality plumbing services. That's why we only employ experienced and qualified plumbers who can handle any job you need to be done. From fixing a leaky faucet to installing new sewer lines, our team is equipped to do the job correctly.

Quality Work at Reasonable Prices

Flow-Rite Plumbing & Drain Service is a full-service plumbing company that offers quality work at reasonable prices. We understand the importance of keeping your home and surrounds clean, and our team of experienced plumbers is dedicated to providing the best possible service. We use only high-quality parts and materials in our work, so you can be assured that every repair or installation will last long and meet your exact specifications.

24/7 Emergency Plumbers

Flow-Rite Plumbing & Drain Service has been providing top-quality plumbing services to the Fayetteville community for over 45 years. From leaking faucets to ruptured pipes, our experienced professionals are always available to complete your repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service so that you can rest assured that we're there when you need us most.

Licensed And Insured

Flow-Rite Plumbing & Drain Service is licensed and insured, so you can be confident that you're getting quality work from a company with years of experience. We also have a team of dedicated customer service representatives who are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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We are a full-service plumbing and drain service company with years of experience servicing the needs of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Our team is qualified to take on any plumbing or drainage challenge you may have, from fixing a leaky faucet to repairing an entire system.  At Flow-Rite Plumbing & Drain Service, we offer an impressive lineup of services designed to help you achieve better indoor and outdoor sanitation. We can install new water lines or purify your existing water supply, clearing up problems like clogged drains and rusting faucets. We also provide drain cleaning and sewer repair services, ensuring that your home or office is always properly functioning.  Don’t wait any longer—contact us at 910-466-4419 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Plumbers. We look forward to helping you get everything fixed up in no time!