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ater Heaters Installation, Replacement, and Repair Service In Fayetteville, NC

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Water Heater Installation, Replacement, and Repair Service

Water Heater Installation, Replacement, and Repair service is installing or replacing a water heater. Water Heater Installation, Replacement, and Repair may also include repairs to leaks and other problems with the water heater. This often includes checking for corrosion on pipes and insulation around the tank. Water Heater Replacement may be necessary if the water heater reaches the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

Water Heater Installation and Repair should always be performed by a professional Water Heater Installation, Replacement, and Repair service that can help protect your home from significant water damage. At Flow-Rite Plumbing & Drain Service, we are experts in Water Heater Installation, Replacement, and Repair. We have the knowledge and experience to help protect your home from water damage and ensure a prompt and professional installation or repair.


Let us help you keep your home warm this winter

We offer Water Heaters at Flow-Rite Plumbing & Drain Service and can help you choose the best model for your needs. Water Heaters are essential in keeping your home comfortable during colder months, and we have various options to fit every budget. If you’re looking for an economical option, consider a portable water heater. They’re easy to move and don’t take up much space, making them perfect for small apartments or homes with limited storage. If space is not a concern, our gas models are ideal because they offer more power and durability than portable models. We also offer Water Heaters with thermostats, which allow you to set a specific temperature and have your heater stay at that temperature regardless of the weather. This is perfect for people who are sensitive to cold temperatures or those who have children who need to be kept safe from the cold.

Electric Water Heater

Electric water heater repairs, as well as replacements and new installations.

Electric water heaters work from the inside-out, by warming “elements”, or rods, submerged in a water storage tank, transferring heat from the elements to the water. Electric water heaters operate as much as 50% more efficient than gas water heaters

There are three types of electric water heaters:

  • Standard Tank
  • High-Efficiency Tank
  • Hybrid Heat Pump

Gas Water Heater

Gas hot water heaters are the most popular variety, so of course Flow-Rite Plumbing offers exceptional repair services on them, as well as replacements and new installations

Natural gas is the primary fuel-source for water heaters because it is generally more cost-efficient than electricity. In fact, some utility companies offer rebates for switching from an electric-, to a gas-powered water heater.

A gas burner continually heats the water in a storage tank from the bottom of the unit. Traditionally, gas water heaters have a lifetime of 8-12 years, and once they approach this age, most service providers will not perform maintenance, as the cost of the repair could outpace the value of the unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Water heaters come in two main types, tank and electric. Tank water heaters use a large tank to generate steam that heats the home’s hot water. Electric instantaneous Water Heaters heat and circulate cold water around your home for instant hot showers or baths.
A: The benefits of using a water heater include: • Keeping your home warm in colder months. • Saving you money on energy bills. • Preventing frozen pipes and damage to plumbing systems. • Ensuring that hot water is available when you need it most, even during prolonged power outages or winter weather.
A: If you are having trouble getting your Water Heater to work, you should first check all the connections and see if any water or ice is flowing in or out.
A: If your Water Heater is not producing enough hot water, you may need to replace the thermostat and/or the heat exchanger.
A: If you notice water spilling out of your Water Heater, there may be something wrong with the seal around the water tank. You can have a professional contractor check and replace any seals that need to be replaced.

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